Sleeping Less, Feeling Better, and Pursuing her Dream Career

I’ve tried other forms of counseling in the past and they didn’t go anywhere even after one to two years, but with Shannon, I’ve really noticed the difference within a very short timeframe.  The first and most important part that improved was the mood.  It was really noticeable.  What surprised me the most about Shannon’s counseling was how quickly my sleep cycles improved.  Before I slept 12 hours a day and several times a day, but now, it’s back to 8 hours approximately and I only sleep during nights.  Also, I’m not tired when I shouldn’t be.  That’s something I actually didn’t expect.

The one big thing that has happened is that before the counseling, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my life.  That has kind of dampening effect on the rest of my life but during the counselling, Shannon helped me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and now able to move forward to that goal and it has in other ways affect me that respect that I’m able to overcome the internal resistances and get out of my comfort zone and do what I want I want to.  That has great effect on my life and way more optimistic now.

One big part was that it has helped me realize what my real goals in life are.  I had since switched my majors.  I’m pretty aggressive at moving forward in my new major.  I am way more proactive about it than I was before.  The progress was really quick at the beginning like during the first few weeks, there was really noticeable progress.  That has tapered down a bit during the last month but I feel getting better.  I’m going to continue with it as long as they’re noticing it is getting better.

Another way it has helped me is that I’ve had a lot of internal resistances which are now able to analyze and I often used techniques that Shannon is using during our counselling but only I’m applying them to myself and it helps me to slow down a bit when I’m in crisis mode and everything is hectic and I think about what is really going on.  And the second way it helped me is because I’m better able to trace the the patterns of the internal conflicts I experience and really notice where this is coming from and what I could do to make it better.

One of the most important thing that happened is that it has really helped me understand the motivations better why I was doing or trying to get things done which helped me to notice it earlier and react to them accordingly and that has really helped with my motivation because I get less frustrated and I stay more focused and that in turn has helped me reach the goal.

I recommend Shannon’s counselling because it has been really effective over three to four months we have worked together.  The progress is really quite visible also it isn’t just confined to sort of the issues we actually worked on but it has positive effects all over my life and that was really something I didn’t expect to happen that fast.

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