Aaron B's Testimonial

I was so depressed that I just have trouble getting out of bed every morning and not just getting out of bed like “Oh, I’m tired” but trouble getting out of bed and just before that I knew that I have to like do stuff. That was a huge problem. I was willing to spend a little money and kind of risk having it not work, not be helpful at all or really be like mildly helpful but not worth the money. It was definitely worth the money. It was like very quickly I was pretty happy with my purchase and we’ve gone on since that initial package of five lessons and I can’t remember how many we’ve done at all.

Obviously, right at the beginning was where they were most helpful and I got to a point where I just viewed it as needed as often but it was…when I first did it, I wasn’t sure whether it was work or whether it was just going to be “Oh, I’m going to pay the money and if it’s not going to work, at least I’ll know that”. It worked! As far as I can tell given that it’s not a scientific controlled experiment or anything, but I feel fairly confident that it is strong and positive for me. This sort of thing is really kind of expensive but just like for me compared to other things I was spending money on at the time, it was kind of expensive but that’s what money is for. I figured if I get my first package of five sessions which I think is what I started with – if I get that and it doesn’t seem to help, then it was worth the money to find that out because it’s really important.

My happiness level has gone up and my ability to get stuff done, be it stuff for the job that I can earn money, or just stuff that my life has gone up and I do have a fairly flexible schedule. I’m a contractor so to a large extent, I have a lot of rollover for many hours I work evenly.

When I started talking to you and like a month or so before that or even a few months before that, if I compare the amount of work that I was getting done at any given week, that the amount that I’m getting done now, it’s not quite double but it’s more than half again. It’s a fairly sizeable factor. I don’t know that I was doing various things in my life that were positive interventions so I don’t know how much each of those contributed but it’s certainly helped the IFS therapy was a very helpful part of it. It’s definitely worth it.

— Aaron B

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