Your Clients Really Improve? Show Me the Data

Posted: Sep 28 2013

I often have skeptical potential clients ask me “Why should I hire you?

Its a fair question – up until now, it has always been just my word that I know what I’m doing, with only a coaching certification and not a prestigious university degree in psychology to back me up. The wonderful testimonials I have from many different clients help, but how do new prospective clients know that I’m not cherry picking and only presenting the best cases when the rest might not be so good?

I respect those questions, I’ve been there myself.

Its not really about whether I’m a coach or a therapist.

Its about whether I can help you or not.

Metrics let you measure your improvement and help you make good choices about future actions.  Below is a graph of the data of my 18 new clients from 2013 who had two or more sessions with me.

The blue bars show the distribution of moods when they started, as you can see, the moods are low.   The red bars show the distribution of moods after 2 sessions, and you can see the peaks show the better mood scores, and the green bars show the distribution after 5 sessions, which have moved even further in the direction of happier moods.

The average initial score of my clients (blue line) was 29%, and the average client score by 5 (red lines) sessions is 40%.  Average improvement over the first 5 sessions in terms of score was 50%.



Graph of 2013 Client Data

These are my results.  I went out on a limb by taking data, because I didn’t know for sure if my results would be as great as I thought they were.  Now that I have gone so far as to actually look at how my clients do over time, I wish to share this with you.

Based on my own experience, and the experiences of clients and friends, I think that these numbers are exceptionally good.

Many clients improve within weeks or months of working with me after no improvement after years of therapy.  Consider what results you’ve gotten from past intervention attempts.  You know what has happened in your previous best attempts – how do my clients’ results compare to what you’ve tried so far?

How would your life be different today if you experienced that same improvement?

Without action, there is no change.  I hope you choose to work with me because I want to see you improve like my other clients.

I am thrilled to be able to provide the sorts of information that was lacking when I was depressed and anxious and needed to choose a good practitioner for help. 


For those wondering about longer term results, here is a testimonial from a client of mine who worked with me for 6 months, filmed a year after she completed:

Other client testimonials with transcripts:

After working with Shannon, I feel like I’m in control of my schedule, and like I’m not a slave to the distractions that I can find on the internet at work, and I can do things when I need to do them.  Read the full transcript

I was so depressed that I just have trouble getting out of bed every morning and not just getting out of bed like “Oh, I’m tired”…  My happiness level has gone up and my ability to get stuff done, be it stuff for the job that I can earn money, or just stuff that my life has gone up … When I started talking to you and like a month or so before that or even a few months before that, if I compare the amount of work that I was getting done at any given week, that the amount that I’m getting done now, it’s not quite double but it’s more than half again.  Read the full transcript

The first and most important part that improved was the mood.  It was really noticeable.  What surprised me the most about Shannon’s counseling was how quickly my sleep cycles improved.  Before I slept 12 hours a day and several times a day, but now, it’s back to 8 hours approximately and I only sleep during nights.   Read the full transcript

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